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We provide Indication & Control Instruments and Customized Solutions for parameters like Pressure, DP, Vacuum, Temperature, Level, Flow, Velocity, Vibration, Conductivity, pH & DO2. Please e-mail us your detailed enquiry on sales@nkinstruments.com

Pharma, Food & Beverages Plants

Hygiene in manufacturing of Pharma products, Food products or, beverages is vital for protecting public health as well as ensuring product quality. Contaminated production batch has a potential to spoil the whole production batch and to affect the health of users of the produced contaminated products. So, it’s a mandatory to follow good hygiene practices during the process of manufacturing of such products. For such a quality production process we provide Hygiene range of Process Instruments.

Looking after hygiene in Pharma, Food & Beverages application, our NK Instruments Team suggests Process Instruments with following Specification:

  • Contact Parts: SS 316L, Hastelloy -C
  • Tri-Clamp Fitting
  • Flush type Diaphragm Connection
  • 100% Hygienic Design
  • East to Clean
  • Safe Monitoring
  • Hygiene Standards & FDA Approvals available
  • Optional CE & ATEX Approvals available
  • Customization depending on application


  • API Plant
  • CIP-SIP Systems
  • Liquid, Syrups & Powder Handling Machines
  • RO/WFI Storage & Distribution Systems
  • Fermenters& Bio-Reactors Equipment’s
  • Multi-Filling Machine
  • Blender Machines
  • Dryers
  • Industrial Roaster
  • Packaging Systems
  • Butter Melting Systems
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Instruments used in Pharma, Food & Beverages plants:

  • Pressure Switches, Pressure Transmitters, Vacuum Switches and Vacuum Transmitters which may be required with Flush Diaphragm, SMS fitting or, Tri-clamp connection. Those also should be suitable for SIP and CIP applications.
  • Flow Switches for Hygienic applications are used to detect ‘’No Flow’” or, Low Flow” in the process. Those should be in SS316 contact parts. In applications like sugar syrup or, fine powders chances of layer formation ion the surface of the sensing instrument dis-allows the instruments to function correctly, but we can offer the instruments which would work well even if the layer of powder or, slurry is formed on the sensing surface of the instrument.
  • In few application Level Switches or, Non-Contact Level Transmitters are used to avoid the chances of malfunctioning of the instruments because of the layer formation of the sensor and the chances of contamination. We provide Level Switches for Hygienic applications and also Ultrasonic Level Transmitters or, Radar Level Transmitters which works on sound waves only.
  • Non-contact Flow Meters are also used to measure the flow passing through the pipe line without touch of any sensor.
  • Temperature Sensors and Thermo-wells are also required in SS316 or, SS316 L construction in these types of industries.

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NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

INVITATION for ChemTECH World EXPO 2017 at Mumbai

We INVITE you for ChemTECH World EXPO 2017 during 14th Feb to 17th Feb at Stall No. B10B Hall No.1. VENUE: Bombay Convention and Exhibition Center, Goregaon (East), Mumbai, INDIA
NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd.


We are at AUTOMATION 2016, at Bombay Exhibition Hall, Goregaon, Mumbai. This exhibition is started today and will be there up to 25th August 2016.
NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd.


NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Channel Partner of ELECTRONET, Invites you to Stall No. I - 24, 25, 26, 27 At Automation 2016 Between 22nd to 25th August 2016. Location: Bombay Convention and Exhibition Center, Goregaon(East), Mumbai, INDIA
NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

CRISIL Rating to NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd. has got a NSIC-CRISIL rating as SE 3A

NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

International exhibition - PharmaTech / ChemTech 2013

We participated in a International exhibition - PharmaTech / ChemTech 2013 held at Goregaon, Mumbai from 15th to 18th Jan 2013. We could get a chance to meet our valued existing customers and also we could generate new contacts during the same.

NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Chemtech 2011

We participated in Chemtech 2011 with our ORION brand products.

The show was from 23rd to 26th Feb 2011 at NSE Ehibition Ground, Goregaon, Mumbai

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