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We provide Instrumentation solutions for the standard and customized requirements for Industrial Automation. For our Techno-commercial quotations, kindly send your enquiry with max. details.

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Welcome  Industrial Process Control Instruments

NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known Company dealing in the field of Industrial

Process Instrumentation from more than decade.

NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturer and also Dealer of well-known brands of Industrial Process Control Instrument.

We manufacture various type of Mechanical Level Gauges, Digital Level Indicators, Level Switches and pH Meters. We also manufacture Customized Process Indicators and Controllers like, Programmable Process Indicators and Controllers, Programmable Sequential Timers, Loop Powered Indicators, Large Sized Digital Indicators, Square Root Extractors, Flow Totalizers, Scrolling Displays, Data Loggers, Process Scanners, Data Acquisition Systems, Programmable Timers, Programmable Time Totalizers, Batch Controllers, Dosing Controllers, On-Off Controllers, PID Controllers, PID Controllers with Ramp and Soak, Bar Graph Indicators, RS 232 to RS 485 Converters, RS 422 to RS 232 Converters, Temperature Humidity Controllers, Capacitor Testers, Universal Tensile Testing System, Continuous Emission Monitoring System, Earth Open Controllers, Multi Channel Indicators, Multi-Channel Controllers, Tanker Unloading Systems, Can Filling Systems, Drum Filling Systems, Industrial Dispensers, Fuel Consumption Systems for Furnaces / Boilers / Gensets / Vehicles, Circular Chart Recorders with Modbus communication, RS 485 or, RS 232 communications and also the standard Digital Instruments, Indicators, Controllers, Totalizers. etc. We also undertake Turn Key Instrumentation Projects and PLC & SCADA based control system as well as System Automation Projects.

We do not just provide the instruments but, we study the application and advice the suitable instruments for their processes.

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As we have wide range of Process Control Instruments, lot of combinations are possible in our existing product range, so, please be in touch with us to get the correct solution for your specific process application.

We have various Process Control Instruments suitable for indication and control of process parameters like Pressure, Differential Pressure, Vacuum, Temperature, Flow, Velocity, Level, Conductivity, pH and Vibration. By utilizing our own experiences and the knowledge about the various applications, we can offer various combinations of instruments to match the client’s needs. The basic instruments we have like ORION - Pressure Switches, Differential Pressure Switches, Vacuum Switches, Compound range Switches, Temperature Switches. MULTI-TECH – Flow Switches, FFEVibration Switches, HIRLEKAR – Differential Pressure Gauge and DP Gauge with Switches, NUCLUS – (Insertion Paddle type Flow Meters) Rotary Paddle type Flow Meters and Conductivity meters, PD type / Positive Displacement type Flow Meters and Flow Metering Systems, JAYCEE Level Transmitters, RF Admittance Level Switches, Conductivity Level Switches, Rotating Paddle Level Switches, Vibrating Fork Level Switches, Capacitance Level Transmitters, ELECTRONET Ultrasonic Level Transmitters and Radar Level Transmitters, ELETCRONET-Ultrasonic Flow Meters, BAUMER – Level Switches, LBFS Level Switches, FLS Level Switches, Level Transmitters, Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Sensors (like RTD's & Thermocouples), Temperature Transmitters, JUMO - Conductivity Meters, Conductivity Transmitters, TDS Meters etc.

With the help of well-known brands, many years of experience in the field of Instrumentation and with perfect co-ordination & interaction, we are supplying our Instruments to various industries, within committed time span. We have also carried out various Automation Solution Projects.

Our instruments are being used by almost all types if industries like chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Refineries, Paper & Pulp Industries, Soaps & Detergents, Food and Beverages, Glass industries, Cement Industries, Material Handling, Building Construction, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems, Air Conditioning and Lubrication systems, Special Purpose Machines, Boilers, Heat Exchangers etc. and we are getting their repeat orders. The repeat orders from our clients proves, satisfaction of our clients towards our Instruments and our Services.

NK Technologies is a Division of NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd. NK Technologies is involved in activities of Website Designing and Development, software development, Web Hosting, Domain Booking, Web Promotion, SEO, Multimedia CD Presentations and Logo Designing etc.

We use our multi-discipline skills to determine client's needs, convert them into requirements and fulfill them with an aim of achieving client satisfaction.

We believe in offering services and solutions tailored to each client's requirement, rather than offering simple set-top boxes. This not only safeguards the client's investment, but also proves profitable!

At NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd. and NK Technologies we believe that our business grows, if we help our clients to do their job better.

Below are the details of the range of Process Control Instruments from NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd., which are given in this webs.

Pressure Switches are available in two basic categories: Fixed Differential Pressure SwitchesAdjustable Differential Pressure Switches, Flameproof Pressure Switches and Digital Pressure Switch.

In any application when the Digital signal is required as soon as the process exceeds the set pressure limit in the Switch (either on rising side or on falling side), the Fixed Differential type Pressure Switches are used. i.e. as Safety device or, for interlocking purpose Fixed Differential type Switches are used.

In some applications the pressure in the vessel has to be controlled between two limits higher and lower. The switch which has a facility to set the gap between higher set point and the lower, our Adjustable Differential type Pressure Switches are to be used.

We have a wide range coverage from 15 mm Wc up to 600 bar. All these switches are available in IP 40, IP 54, IP 65, IP 66 and flameproof enclosures.

These pressure switches can be provided in pressure housing materials like Aluminium, Brass, MS and SS 316 or, some special material also like Alloy or, Teflon. The sensing element can be in Teflon, Neoprene, SS 316L or, piston.

Pressure Switches can also be provided with 2 SPDT contacts. Fixed Stage Differential type Pressure Switches and Adjustable Differential type Pressure Switches.

All these switches can be provided with varieties of Diaphragm Seals. Using the specific Diaphragm Seals the switch can be used for viscous mediums or, even for hygienic applications. 

The Pressure Switches can also be provided with Digital Readout. These Switches can also have have 4 to 20 mA output.

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Vacuum Switches are available in two basic categories based on ranges: Full vacuum range and Low vacuum range.
In any application when the Digital signal is required as soon as the process exceeds set vacuum limit set in the Vacuum Switch (either on rising side or on falling side) the Fixed Differential type Vacuum Switches are used.

In case of Vacuum control applications, Adjustable Differential type Vacuum Switches are used.

We have a wide range coverage from 100 to 760 mm Hg. All these switches are available in IP 54, IP 65, IP 66 and flameproof enclosures.

In case of Low Range Vaccum applications we offer Low Range DP Switches, where in the high pressure port has to be kept open and vacuum has to be connected to the Low Pressure port. The range covered is from 15 mm Wc up to 2500 mm Wc.

These Vacuum switches can be provide in pressure housing materials like Aluminium, Brass, MS and SS 316 or, some
special material also like Alloy or, Teflon. The sensing element can be in Teflon or, Neoprene..

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Flow is considered to be one of the important parameter in process industry. Most of the process in the industry like Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Textile, Tile manufacturing, Automobile, Automation etc. depends upon the variation of the flow and it is necessary to measure, indicated and control the flow of different mediums. Varieties of Flow Meters available like, Variable Area Flow meters, Metal Tube Rota Meters, Turbine Flow Meters, Rotary paddle type Flow meter, Electro Magnetic Flow Meters, Positive Displacement flow meters, Ultrasonic Flow Meters etc. Depending on the type of application the type of meter has to used. For clear liquids Variable Area Flow Meters, Turbine Flow Meter, Rota Meter, Rotary Paddle type Flow meters are used. But for costly fluids like Diesel, Petrol, solvents etc.Positive Displacement Flow Meters i.e. PD Meters are recommended. Rotating Paddle type Flow Meters also available in Battery operated versions.  Rotating Paddle type Turbine Flow Meters, PD Meters and Metal Tube Rota Meters can be provided with options as Flow Rate Indicator (for instantaneous flow), Flow Totalizer (Rate of Flow with Totalizer), Flow Meter with Batcher or, Relay and Flow Rate & Total Indicator with Transmitter.
We also have the Ultrasonic Flow Meters for non contact type liquid flow measurements.

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For positive detection of fluid flow - Flow Switches are used. Flow Switches are available for liquids & Gases. Like water, kerosene, lubricating oils, coolants, air etc. Flow Switches are used to ensure availability of desired flow or no flow in the system in order to prevent or to control any disaster in the industry. Magnetically or Micro Switch operated flow switches are available from 6 mm  in size. Magnetically operated Flow Switches (Miniature Flow Switches / Blind Flow Switches, Indicating type Flow Switches / Flow Indicating Switches) are normally used for low flow capacities max. up to 150 LPM. Micro Switch operated Paddle Type Flow Switches are an ideal solution for higher flow rates and bigger line sizes. Paddle type Flow Switches are available in 2 types - Bellow type Paddle Flow Switches and Magnetic Repulsion type Paddle Flow Switches.

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According to the type of applications, varieties of level switches can be provided. For different types of clear liquids Float type Level Switches or Capacitance type Level Switches, for conductive liquids Conductivity type Level Switches are used. For dry powders and pallets Rotating Paddle type Level Switch, Vibrating Fork type Level Switches or, Vibrating Rod type Level Switches are recommended. RF Admittance Level Switches as well as LBFS Level Switches or, LFFS Level Switches, FLS Level Switches can be used for dry powders, pallets as well as slurries & pastes., effluents, sewage etc. LBFS Level Switches are used for Hygienic applications. For dry powders and granules Diaphragm type Level Switches are also available.

Level switches are available on the basis of the suitability of mounting type and orientation of mounting i.e. Side mounted or, Top mounted. Wetted parts in Level Switches are in Industrial Plastic, PVDF, Teflon, SS 304, SS 316 or any special as per the customers requirement.

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When the change in pressure has to be sensed and analogue output is required in terms of mA or mV, Pressure Transmitters or, Pressure Transducers are used. Pressure Transmitter and Pressure Transducers are normally available with SS 304 wetted parts, but we can also give those in SS 316 as well as Teflon contact parts. We also have the same in hygienic versions also. We have the range coverage from 100 mm Wc up to 1000 bar in IP 65, IP 66, ATEX as well as flameproof enclosure. These can be provided either blind type or, with Digital Readout. We provide then in accuracy of 1%, 0.5%, 0.25% as per customers requirement.

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Differential Pressure Gauges (DP gauges) works on Magnetic Coupling Principle. Diaphragm type DP Gauges and Piston type DP Gauges are available in our range, which covered range from 15 mm Wc up to 10 bar These Differential Pressure Gauges are suitable for very high static pressures. the Pressure chamber is isolated from the DP Indicating chamber., so the DP Gauge is safe for the usage. As these is no bourden tube in these type of gauges, damages and zero shift is also not possible in these gauges. All these gauges are available with varieties of wetted parts like Aluminium, Brass, SS, Monel, Industrial Plastic or any special as per the specific requirement. DP Gauges can be provided in dial sizes like 50 mm, 65 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm.

Differential Pressure Gauges are mainly used in the applications like filtration systems, HVAC, Heat exchange's, flow measurement through Orifice plate, Liquid Level measurement in pressurized tanks etc.

One or, Two nos. field settable Switches are possible along with these DP Gauges.

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Differential Pressure Switches are normally used in the applications where the digital signal is required when Differential Pressure crosses the set DP in the DP Switch, either on rising or on falling side. We provide this contact through Micro Switches or Reed Switches. DP Switches are available in wetted parts like Aluminium, Brass, SS, Industrial Plastic, Monel or any special as per process requirements. The DP switches are also available with varieties of Diaphragm Seals. Ranges available in Differential Pressure Switches are from 15 mm Wc up to 10 bar. DP Switches are available for high static pressure applications also known as High Static Pressure type Differential Pressure Switches are also available. Differential Pressure Switches (DP Switches) are available in IP 40, IP 54, IP 65, IP 66 and flameproof enclosures. Combination of DP gauge with switch also can be provided.

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For different types of applications, specific type of Level Measuring Instrument is used. For liquid Level Indication by Mechanical device, Tubular Glass, Follower type Level Gauges, Bi-color Level Gauges or, float and Board type Level Gauges are used. Level Indicators or, Level Sensor with Analogue output are available with Capacitance Level transmitters, Float type Level Transmitter (Float type Level Indicators),Potentiometric Level Transmitters, Submersible Level Transmitters are used where 4 to 20 mA output is essential or, level indication is required in Digital display. For non contact type Level measurement Ultrasonic Level Transmitters or, Radar type Level Transmitters (Level Indicators) are used.

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For Conductivity detection and control, TDS Detection and Control we have the  Conductivity IndicatorsConductivity Indicator with Relay covering range from 1 to 1000 micro Siemens/cm. These are available in IP-65 plastic enclosure for corrosive or dusty atmosphere as well as Panel mounted controllers for automatic activation of Pumps or alarms with settable relay are available.

Conductivity Transmitters are available for range 0.5 to 999 mili Siemens/cm. This Temperature compensated instruments provided 2 nos. 4 to 20 mA outputs for Conductivity as well as Temperature. These instruments can be provided for hygeinic applications also.

Applications related to Pharmaceutical as well as cleaning of insulators in power stations.

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Varieties of Temperature Sensors, Temperature Transmitters and Temperature Indicators are available for varieties of applications. Head Mounted Temperature Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters with hygienic connections are also available in our range. The Temperature Sensors like Pt-100, RTD sensor and Thermocouples are also in our scope of range

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For getting the digital signal if the set temperature limit is crossed, the Temperature Switches are used. We have Electro-Mechanical Temperature Switches as well as Digital Temperature Switches. Electro Mechanical Temperature Switches are either Mercury Filled blind Temperature Switches or, Gas filled Temperature Switches.

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In rotating plants and Reciprocating machines, there are some kind of vibrations. If the limit of vibrations in normal running plants exceed, the Vibration Switch on that equipment operates to give a Digital signal. 

We have Manual Reset type Vibration Switches in Weatherproof as well as Explosionproof version. A Remote Reset type Vibration Switches are also available in Weatherproof version. The Contacts in Silver or, Gold are available in Single SPDT or, Duel SPDT.

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